Lines for a few BII-MX rods

Lines for a few BII-MX rods

I was so stoked with the performance of my BII-MX #5 rod for nymphing, I bought a #7 and a #9 for

heavier nymphing and some saltwater fishing.

I have a Mastery Bonefish WF7F and a Rio Saltwater WF7I for the #7 – I assume they will be a good match. What line do you guys recommend for the #9 – would a Rio Grande WF9F be ok (even in the salt?) as I have one in the cupboard. I use a SA GPX on the #5 and it goes quite well (it also went great with a Hardy Marksman DT5F), so maybe a #9 GPX could be the go.

Where I fish, in Sydney Australia, I don’t think I need the tropical type lines as it’s quite temperate, even in Summer.

Can’t wait to begin my saltwater flyfishing – should be a great learning curve.

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Kathlyn on November 13, 2013 at 5:33 am.

Hi Mike. Your Rio Grande will work just fine around Sydney, except maybe in January-February. I would fish with that for now.

You will probably be better served with an intermediate line though. I recommend the Rio Saltwater Tropical Intermediate – this line actually handles a big range of temperatures better than most.

Good luck with the rods.


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