Dear Mr. Winston

Dear Mr. Winston

Dear Mr. Winston,

You done good when you built my seven weight BIIMx rod. Damn Good!

I’ve had all winter to admire the beauty of the rod and to try different reels on it. It definitely lives up to the Winston aesthetical standards and matches well with the clear Galvan Torque 6 reel in both finish and functionality

I adopted the rod to serve as a streamer rod on fairly small streams. I don’t need a rod that can cast 100 feet of line (That would have me fishing in the willows which would upset the furry friends!) . I need a rod that is accurate and can throw a sinking streamer line easily. I found the BIIMx to be perfect for my needs.

I found the BIIMx to have unlimited power. In some open areas on bigger water I was really punching the rod and it was really smooth and seemed to be capable of much more. I wasn’t limited by the rod, I was limited by the water!

The power is nice, but the difference maker for me was when i got on smaller water. I could cast softly to a tight spot and it still performed flawlessly. With a streamer line and four inch sculpin and leech patterns I could cast wiithin inches of the far bank or between logs in the water.

The rod seemed to load quickly at short distances. If I wanted to place my streamer in a spot in the stream 10-20 feet away I could just cast once and it was there.

I remember looking at the rod several times and thinking, “Wow! This rod is really light!” The full well handle had a good feel to it. There were times that I felt like my hand was too low on the handle, but I think that will take care of itself after I have used the rod for awhile.

The lack of a hookkeeper wasn’t a problem since I use four foot leaders with my streamer line. It sure was a lot easier breaking thought the willows and trees with a nine foot rod than it was with my ten foot BIIx!!!!

Some may not like the sound from the casts of the BIIMx. I guess that comes from the supersonic line speeds.

The BIIMx met all of my expectations. It will be the only rod that I will be using for streamer fishing. I caught a pretty rainbow with it on a prince nymph on the streamer line so I may use the rod for some nymph fishing too.

It wasn’t the biggest fish, but the rod had a very good feel while I was fighting it.

The only problem that I noticed was that as soon as the rainbows saw that green stick slicing through the air, they high tailed it to the headwaters out of sheer fear!!!!

Yep, Mr. Winston you really did a good job on this rod. It’s a winner to me! I look forward to many hours with it and getting to know it better!


Marquis on November 11, 2013 at 12:09 pm.

Nice review AG – just hope I can say the same about my 6wt MX when it arrives next week


Mardell on November 13, 2013 at 10:58 am.

Thanks for the review. Told you it was way, way accurate!

Now if I could just cast like you! Thanks again.


Oscar on November 14, 2013 at 3:43 am.



Lauren on November 16, 2013 at 10:50 am.


Yes, you did! And you were correct! But that was back when everything was frozen solid here and all I could do was look at my shiny new BIIMx in the house.


Bettyann on November 17, 2013 at 2:34 am.

with the sinking line is it better than the B2X # 7?

can you cast tighter loops with a floating line? I need very tight loops to get the leader all the way inside the roots channels.


Werner on November 17, 2013 at 7:20 pm.

with the sinking line is it better than the B2X # 7?

can you cast tighter loops with a floating line? I need very tight loops to get the leader all the way inside the roots channels.

It has more power for fishing sinking lines than the BIIx, but it still has a good feel. It’s hard to compare for me because my BIIx is a ten footer. On the small stream the nine foot BIIMx was easier to use.

In my case the BIIMx is better for fishing streamer lines than the BIIx.

I haven’t used a floating line on my BIIMx yet. I do have the Sharkskin and an unused GPX so I do have lines that I could try. I’d probably be more likely to fish the Rio Nymph line in seven weight on it though.

But if I planned to spend the entire day nymphing I would use the ten foot seven weight BIIx instead because of the advantages of the longer rod.

I’ll have to put a Sharkskin on both my BIIx and BIIMx seven weights and take them out on a lake and try them. It sure is sweet on the six weight BIIx.

I could have used a sharkskin on a seven weight the other day on the lake when the wind was blowing 28 mph!


Stanton on November 19, 2013 at 6:22 pm.

I got my BIIMX 7 wt. on the water for the first time last week and my experience was similar to yours except for the fish part. The Smallmouth weren’t cooperating but, to be honest, I was having so much fun casting this rod it didn’t seem to matter. The rod has a low swing weight which matches that, “lighter in the hand than on the scale” feel. It’s as accurate as any Winston I own and that’s saying something.

Like you, I was somewhat surprised that such a powerful rod could cast in close so well. What also impressed me was, following that close in cast, you could then pick up a bunch of line off the water and, by shooting a little line on the katrice, punch out 60-80 feet of line without a false cast. This has some great application for pick ‘em up and lay ‘em down popper fishing for bass or bank fishing streamers for trout.

The line speed, when you want it, is there and, given the high line speed this rod generates, you almost expect to hear a little sonic boom as the line goes out. The other thing that impressed me with this rod is how effortless it is to cast. With most fast rods I have a tendency to push them, expecting I will need to push them to get the performance.

With this rod, I found I didn’t have to push it at all..the rod did the work, just likes it’s supposed to. It’s also very forgiving and didn’t seem to mind when I screwed up and pushed it hard anyway…very impressive. Winston has a winner with this series.

I’m taking a BIIMX 8 and 9 wt. to Ontario in two weeks for some pike fishing. I’m also taking a BIIMX 5 wt. and this 7 wt along and hope to give them a workout on some of the Nipigon-strain Brook Trout in the area. Great rods!


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