BIIt and Big Fish

BIIt and Big Fish

Hey all. I am thinking I need to purchase a BIIt for some of the small streams we have here and was thinking about a 7’6″ or 8′ 3 or 4wt. Before I do purchase one, however, I was hoping for some input on a couple of questions.

I’ve tried two BIIts and love them. However, I was wondering what people who have casted a few thought was the sweet spot in the line-up, that being a 7’6″ or 8′ 3 or 4wt. What is the magical taper for you? Also, does the action vary much on the shorter rods? I.E. is it noticeably faster, identical, or a bit slower?

For reference I have tried an 8′ 3wt BIIt which to me felt like a true medium action, maybe just a hair slower than true medium, but close enough to call it that. I was wondering if the 4wt and the shorter 3wt vary any due to taper etc……

And the big question: how do they handle fish? I’m not asking about absolute monsters, but in some of the creeks here 20″ fish are a real possibility. Does the BIIt have the back-bone from the boron to be able to keep them out of weeds if the need be?

Or would that get me into trouble on a 20″ trout?

Any guidance would be appreciated, no local shops carry all of them.

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Robin on November 16, 2013 at 8:09 pm.

I am a fan of 8 footers. I don’t like the added weight of 9 footers, and the extra 6 inches over a 7 1/2 footer helps me, in my case, with a little extra distance when wading and casting from my pontoon boat.

Here are some BIIT casualties on an 8′ 4 wt


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