B2t rod

B2t rod

I am thinking about getting a 9ft 5 wt b2t, i own 5 other winston rods one of which is a 9ft 5wt wt. My question ,they say the action is medium fast on the b2t,the action on the wt is medium,would i notice a difference in buying the b2t or would it be basically the same but with the added boron.


Marylou on May 27, 2013 at 7:39 pm.

I have heard the actions are similar- the BIIt has added boron which might help with big fish or in the wind.


Cherry on May 27, 2013 at 8:46 pm.

I have a number of WTs — have the 8′-6″ 5 wt., which I think is med. fast, but I’ve never cast the 9′.

I love my 9′ 5 wt. BIIt and I think it’s closer to being medium than med. fast, but with the boron it does indeed have reserve power.


Alanna Angley on May 27, 2013 at 11:31 pm.

I own rods in both the WT and BIIT series. Both rod series are buttery smooth, and more importantly fun to fish. I am not a good judge on what is medium and what is medium-fast, but I can offer the observation that the two rod series have their own distinct feel, due to taper design. In my opinion what distinguishes these rod series is not in the speed of the rod action as much as how the rod loads and unloads during the casting motion.

The WT offers more backbone and a wonderful classic progressive taper. In comparison the BIIT with its parabolic taper bends deeper toward the handle which provides a unique kick and surprising power for a rod that bends so far down into the rod. I find the BIIT easier to cast in windy conditions and the WT more capable with weighted flies.

So, to answer your question more directly, I do not find that much difference in the speed of the rods. For more separation in action (quickness) maybe the BIIIX would be worth consideration.

Edda Schwabauer


Edward on May 28, 2013 at 4:17 am.

I have a 9′ 5wt b2t and it is my favorite trout rod. I consider the action to be medium. I test cast it against every other fly rod with a similar action in the fly shop before my wife gave it to me for my last birthday.

I have been building bamboo rods for the last few years and love the action of bamboo, but don’t like the weight and lack of precision when they get up to the 9 foot length. The b2t feels like a lightweight, long bamboo rod to me. It has the action and feel of a 7 foot bamboo, but with the advantages of being 9 feet long.

I now fish this rod in preference to a medium action East Branch Rods 9 foot 4wt that I built about 12 years ago.


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